Full Moonset over Acatenango Volcano

Rudy Giron: Colossal Volcanoes Photographs &emdash; Moonset over Acatenango Volcano

Every month, around Full Moon time, I try to catch a full moon rise over a ruin, unfortunately most months we have heavily overcast skies during these periods. Every once in a while though, I get clear skies or spare clouds which allow me to get another full moon shot. More often, though, I have noticed that my chances of capturing the full moon are much higher a full moonset at sunrise as oppose to a moonrise at sunset.

All these moonrises, moonsets, sunrises and sunsets can be complicated, I hope I made sense in the explanation above.

Today we also begin the countdown to the 15th anniversary of AntiguaDailyPhoto.com on May 1st.

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