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Michele Woodey

Law and Kindness

There are so many things that could be said about this photograph of two men, both in soldiers uniforms, even if one …

Antigua Oasis

I can remember everything about this Antigua moment except exactly where it is. All the recent discussion about water reminded me of …

Canine Character

Back in Canada we have a Boxer—cross (… with a Disappointer as my husband is fond of saying). I miss him when …

Antigua Abstracted #3

One of Antigua’s many attractions is slowly discovering the piled and jumbled beauty of ruined buildings scattered throughout the old city. The romanticism and nostalgia of shattered architecture has always drawn traveler’s and tourists to places such as these- from the 19 Century grand tours taken by Europeans through Ancient Greece and Rome- to present day seekers of lost cities in the Guatemalan jungles.

Antigua Abstracted #2

Luscious rivers of colour, in every hue imaginable pour through La Antigua over Holy week. Ultramarine, cobalt blue, lime yellow, day-glow orange, deep rich purples, and blood reds, all in myriad shades flow into endless combinations over the cobblestone canvas of the street.

Antigua Abstracted

The City of La Antigua Guatemala is, for me, completely coloured by my experience of life as an artist. Often out of all the photographs I take, the ones that end up “speaking” back to me with the most intensity are those expressed abstractly