Canine Character

Canine Character

Back in Canada we have a Boxer—cross (… with a Disappointer as my husband is fond of saying). I miss him when I am away and so I often to take photos of dogs I meet when traveling… of all shapes, types, sizes and character. We call it “Marley’s Photo Album” though he shows little interest.

Marley is three years old and has the character of—well, a mischievous young boy. Curious to a fault and always ready to play, or invent a new game, he beguiles anyone tempted to discipline him by looking up with beseeching brown eyes while leaning heavily (and with undying affection and devotion of course) against your legs so you cant move an inch until he is forgiven. He is however, despite all appearances, an unrepentant petty thief of newly made bread from the counter, bird seed (yes, bird seed) from the shed, boxes of fresh tomatoes bought to make sauce, and countess other, carelessly guarded food stuffs. The most severe punishment ever received for these transgressions is ”time” done in his cage, which he loves anyway.

When I spotted a boxer sitting in the widow of a house in La Antigua Guatemala it seemed appropriate then that one of Marley’s distant relatives would be behind bars. There was no mistaking that look—or the under—bite. So we asked the little girl with him if we could take his picture. Much to our surprise she said quite firmly “No—he doesn’t like having his photo taken!”. Very suspicious!—what could he be afraid of?—being recognised? However after a word with her mum, the little girl finally persuaded him and we were allowed to take his mug shot. The owner then told us that in Guatemala boxers have a nickname ”El niño eterno” how lovely, and how appropriate!

I am wondering if there are any other canine characters in La Antigua? …next time I will be looking out for them.

text and photos by Michele Woodey.

© 2009 – 2020, Michele Woodey. All rights reserved.

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