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Another Recipient of the Free Portrait Prints Project

Another Recipient of the Free Portrait Prints Project

As I have said many times before, the synergy created by the act of giving prints of the portraits made on the streets is incredible. Giving away these portrait prints is the best gift for me as well as I get… TAP to see the full size photo and post.

Antigua Makes Me Happy — Tourist Girls Enjoying Guatemala

Antigua Makes Me Happy — Take 16

During this afternoon’s photo walk, I was teaching how to capture candid pictures of strangers. The woman on the left was giving water …

PHOTO STOCK: Mayan Ambulant Vendor Selling Hats in Antigua Guatemala

Meet the Mayan Mad Hatter

Let me introduce you to José, Ruth’s son, who is celebrating his 14th birthday today. How lucky am I that I get …


Street Portrait of a Maya Woman

Today I am sharing an impromptu portrait I made while leading a photo walk [pre-pandemic] with a group of Spanish students. The …

PHOTO STOCK: Mayan Matryoshka Portrait

Mayan Matryoshka Portrait

Today’s photo is the portrait of Jenifer holding her Matryoshka portrait print made prior to the pandemic. Jenifer was kind enough to …

PHOTO STOCK: Old lady feeding pigeons

Feeding the Pigeons

My commitment to share with you daily life images from Antigua Guatemala is as strong as it was on May 1, 2006. …

PHOTOS STOCK: Ambulant Tangerine Vendor

Ambulant Tangerine Vendor

Here’s your illustrated Spanish word of the day: Mandarinas for tangerines. Today I share with you a simple daily life vista to …

Woman on a bicycle on a street of Antigua Guatemala

Thanks to all loyal readers

I want to take a momento to thank all the loyal readers who have followed the daily photographic updates through nearly 15 …