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July and August 2010

teprometoanarquia-160x500-5738604July was a busy month and a few more photographs appeared in Revue Magazine. Also, the Guatemalan magazine publish from Madrid, Te prometo anarquía, profiled some of my black and white photos.

revue201007p60-revolcado-97x150-4529932 revue201007p68-kitchen-97x150-9726058revue201008cover-cdvieja-97x150-8366435

March through June 2010

Several of my photos have found their way onto Revue Magazine pages recently.

revue201003p128-cuaresma-97x150-6371212 revue201004p44-bougainvillea-97x150-9663196 revue201005p12-nahuales-97x150-5408297 revue201005p68-verduras-97x150-7480158 revue201006p42-rain-97x150-4065730

February 2010

Some of photos that you see here everyday were turned into high-quality large-format prints to add colorful imagery to the walls of Máximo Nivel Spanish School in La Antigua Guatemala. If you’re interested in getting large format prints from my photographs to add color to your walls, please, get in touch with me.

Cover and several interior pages of the Revue special: Antigua Dining Sampler.

December 2009

The photos from AntiguaDailyPhoto sometimes find their way into magazines and newspapers. Such is the case of First Signs of Christmas which end up in page 29 of Plan Post, Das Paten-Magazin.


September 2009

I was recently profiled by El Chiltepe magazine. The most recent accolade came from El Chiltepe, an online magazine published out of NYC about design, tendencies, innovations and art. Below the introductory paragraph of the profile:

rudygiron-sobresaliente-84x150-7257243Hay muchas cosas que tomamos en cuenta para decir que alguien es sobresaliente. Además de ser geniales en lo que hacen, también juegan un papel importante en la sociedad que es el de compartir sus conocimientos con todos los demás y colaborar con su comunidad de alguno u otra manera y esto mismo fue lo que nos llamo la atención del guatemalteco Rudy Girón.

There are several things we take into account to name somebody outstanding. A part from being brilliant in what they do, they also play an important role in society, sharing their knowledge with everyone and collaborating with their community in one or another. This is precisely what caught our attention about the Guatemalan Rudy Girón… continue reading at El Chiltepe web site

June 2009

magazine-june07-2009-144x150-1051178An overview and review of AntiguaDailyPhoto in Guatemala’s Siglo XXI Sunday Magacín (magazine).

presseurop-june2009-150x136-7818967A photograph from AntiguaDailyPhoto appeared in the website PressEurop illustrating the article That Weimar Feeling.

May 2009

[issuu viewmode=presentation layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Fcolor%2Flayout.xml backgroundcolor=FFFFFF showflipbtn=true documentid=090805023219-c7bd4b1a57ae45b99f2465272640f9ce docname=silverkris_mag_may_2009 username=rudygiron loadinginfotext=Portfolio%20in%20SilverKriss%20Magazine showhtmllink=false tag=rudygiron width=500 height=329 unit=px]

Different dates in Revue Magazine

revue2009-09cover1-4392860 revue2009-09flash1-5510233 revue2009-05flash11-5614488 revue2008-12cover1-7888503 revue2008-09cover1-7013984

Septiembre 2008


July 2008

2433368562_e8eaafcb8e_m-7262959 mi-foto-de-mrm-como-invitacion-150x150-5016227

June 2008


sompopo-entry-in-elperiodico-150x150-1642834 asi-se-practica-el-yoga-en-guatemala-150x150-4620412la-antigua-cotidiana-en-miperiodico-150x150-9686818

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