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Door Christmas Decorations

Needless to say 2020 is an atypical year. But somethings we can still do, such as put Christmas decorations and lights everywhere …

Christmas Decoration Street Shop

Besides the omnipresent fireworks and firecracker street booths, one can also find Christmas decoration street shops when anyone can pick up Christmas …

Installing the Christmas Lights

The installation crew for the Christmas lights is hard at work to have all 600 series installed before December 3 and that’s …

Guatemalan Christmas Kitsch

The market in Antigua was a bit mad last night. There’s a whole little enclave of Xmas kitsch at the rear that …

Poinsettias and Pine Needle are Christmas Decorations in Guatemala

Manolo and Carmen were reminiscing just the other day about the smells associated with the Christmas season in Guatemala. Pine needles have a very peculiar smell and indeed its smell its burnt in the Guatemalan collective memory of Christmas and birthdays parties. Flor de Pascua or poinsettias are a visual cue of the upcoming Christmas as well. Shops know this and they use pine needle and poinsettias among other Christmas decorations to reel in the customers; it seems to be working just fine in this shop.

First Christmas Signs of 2007

Poinsettias or Flor de Pascua are in full bloom in The Land of the Eternal Spring for the Christmas season. Commercial decorations are beginning to show up in shops and restaurants. Soon enough we will have the Burning of the Devil celebrations, Nacimientos, Posadas and everything else that comes with the Christmas season. Soon, even the trees will dress for the holidays.