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Antigua Abstracted #2

Luscious rivers of colour, in every hue imaginable pour through La Antigua over Holy week. Ultramarine, cobalt blue, lime yellow, day-glow orange, deep rich purples, and blood reds, all in myriad shades flow into endless combinations over the cobblestone canvas of the street.

Cuddling Couple at the Cross

I wonder if the lookout point has been dubbed “make-out point.” This couple is certainly enjoying the ambience of the hilltop vista. Can’t say I blame them…

Masked Man of Mystery

The total amount of time I’ve spent within La Antigua Guatemala so far isn’t much, just several months. But, from what I can tell, it’s not too common to spot masked men cruising around on big, shiny choppers in the old, Spanish-styled colonial city.

Mayan Women with Poise

I can’t count the number of times my mother chastised me for slouching throughout my childhood. A few times she even succeeded in convincing me to practice walking with a book on my head so that I might “improve my posture.”

Mayan Child of Maturity

This little girl, who looks to be no more than five-years-old, is calmly sitting by herself watching the daily activity and buzz on the cobbled street before her.