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PHOTO STOCK: Antigua Guatemala's Most Popular Colors by Rudy Giron

Antigua Guatemala’s Most Popular Colors

I would venture to say that these two colors are the most often used to paint the façades of houses and buildings through out this enchanting town… TAP to see the full photo and the official Cartilla del Color of La Antigua Guatemala.

Look at the doves, sweetie!

You know, whenever you encounter doves, children by an atrium of a church or park, you know your chances of a photo …

Coffee Makes Me Happy

If coffee makes you happy, you must move to Antigua Guatemala where you can enjoy all aspects of coffee-rich life, from the …

Arches at Ruins of La Merced

If you haven’t visited the ruins of La Merced, you are missing out in one the most charming and unique ruinas of …

Amarillo La Merced

Here’s a quick note just let you guys know I have started making photos of the official color palette of La Antigua …

© Antigua Guatemala Colors: Yellow by Rudy Giron

Antigua Guatemala Colors: Yellow

We continue the Antigua Color Series with yellow wall, Amarillo La Merced, to be precise, as backdrop for this interaction between a …

Cotton Candy Vendor

When was the last time you had cotton candy? If you’re visiting Guatemala now or live here, chances are you will encounter …

Virgin of Guadalupe Celebrations in La Antigua Guatemala

In La Antigua Guatemala, religious celebrations draw together all kinds of heterogeneous people and the feast day of Virgin of Guadalupe is no exception. In the day of La Virgen de Guadalupe, Our Lady of Guadalupe, you can find gringa mamas, indigenous mamas, ladino mamas and white mamas all taking their children dressed with indigenous clothes to visit the altar of La Virgen Morena. In many cases you have grandmas and the whole family taking part of the visit to Virgin of Guadalupe inside Iglesia de la Merced.