Holy Week Processions — La Reseña of La Merced

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Holy Week Processions — La Reseña of La Merced 1

Here’s the exit of La Reseña procession from Iglesia de La Merced in Antigua Guatemala.

On Palm Sunday one of the most important processions leads its way for many hours through the streets of Antigua Guatemala. This procession is known as “La Reseña” of “The Revue” as it’s an overview of the life of Jesus with readings at different spots of the processional route.

I normally don’t document processions during the Holy Week as their thousands of photographers already doing so and in much passionate way than I could. However, I was leading a Holy Week Antigua Photo Walk and that’s how we ended up at the exit of the procession from La Merced church. I was looking for a good vantage point when I noticed a television crew microbus with ladder to access the roof. So, before I was told I shouldn’t get on top of it, I did, with the idea I was going to be asked to come down from the bus. Well, no one came to bring us down, and I say bring us down as other photographers followed by lead and joined on top of the bus.

I hope you enjoy this particular and unique point of view and appreciate the efforts I make to bring fresh and unusual photographs. Stay tuned for more Holy Week coverage this week.

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Holy Week Processions — La Reseña of La Merced 2

UPDATE: I didn’t get a chance to upload the video when I posted this entry. I need to remember to record a few seconds of video as well with each photo so I can share with you motion as well as still, right?

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