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The Textile Transaction

Here, take a closer look, I am selling you the encapsulated colours of the eternal Spring. Winter is coming, you will need …

Mayan Textiles and Smartphones

The sight of smartphones next the Mayan textiles is quite common now in Antigua Guatemala. For better or worse, Mayas taking selfies …

The Handmade Economy — Textiles

In a world where automation and factory automated assembly lines are the goals, Guatemala still prides and encourages the handmade economy. Even …

Colorful Mayan Huipil

Let’s do an observation experiment. What things do you find interesting in the picture above?

Colorful Guatemalan Purse

Rich colors, patterns and textures are what one gets when buying a piece of Guatemalan textiles. A good example of this statement …

Guatemalan Culture and History Through Textiles

The Maya were among the most prominent story tellers. The Maya ‘wrote’ just about everything. I am sure that if the ancient Maya scribblers had access to Twitter and Facebook, they would have had busy timelimes; heck they would have used aggregators to fill their lifestream with every imaginable media.

Three Generations

Resistance through culture; culture through textiles; textiles as heritage; heritage as identity; identity as resistance. What do you think?

Guatemalan Style Backpack

Guatemala has some of the best textiles you can find in the world. If you come to La Antigua Guatemala, you can …