Guatemalan Culture and History Through Textiles

Colorful Guatemalan Textiles

The world over there’s an innate necessity for freedom of expression and to transcend. This particular pressing need has been an integral part of Humanity from the beginning of time, even before we were civilized. In every culture one finds the indispensable exigency to let others know that we were here, that we existed.

The Maya were among the most prominent story tellers. The Maya ‘wrote’ just about everything. I am sure that if the ancient Maya scribblers had access to Twitter and Facebook, they would have had busy timelimes; heck they would have used aggregators to fill their lifestream with every imaginable media.

What, you don’t believe me? Well, just take a look at how the modern Maya weavers fill up a blanket with every conceivable story.

What stories do you ‘read’ in the textile fragment above?

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