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Guatemalan Longaniza Lunch for $1.25

You’ve got to love Guatemala, this longaniza lunch with guacamol, chirmol, rice and freshly-made tortillas will set you back Q10/$1.25. Here are …

Tortilla Time by Rudy Giron

Tortilla Time

It is interesting how the aroma of freshly-made tortillas can be so haunting. This is especially true to Guatemalans who are not …

Tortillas los tres tiempos

In Guatemala we are lucky to still have vendors who provides us with fresh goods every day. Perhaps, it is the fact …

We’re Men of Maize

It is impossible to think of the Guatemalan, Mexican and Mesoamerican diet without maize. From the Popul Vuh (Popol Wuj in modern …

Making Guatemalan Tortillas

Blame this photo on Eric, who just yesterday invoked the tortilla-making ladies. It is interesting how the aroma of freshly-made tortillas can …

Guatemalan Tortilla Basket

Right now, the going price for tortillas is 6 tortillas per one quetzal (Q1 = US$0.13). This fact brings me to another interesting aspect about tortilla selling in Guatemala: tortillas are sold by units and not by weight, which means some tortillas could be tiny or really thin or worse yet use maseca flour in the mix. 🙁

How to make the perfect Guatemalan Tortilla

Well, for starters you need ‘real’ nixtamalized maize dough (nothing of the maseca flour that Manolo uses), a ‘real’ comal (baked clay griddle) and you need to use ‘real’ leña (wood logs, quite possibly pine). After that, you need a good pair of hand to tortear (hit into shape) a real looking tortilla. You don’t need no sticking mold to shape your tortillas ma’am. 😉