Field of lettuces and vegetables

Lettuce & vegetable field

Antigua Guatemala is surrounded by large farms (fincas in Spanish) and coffee plantations. This photo was taken only two kilometers from Antigua. The Panchoy Valley where Antigua is settled has very fertile volcanic soil and lots of water collected by the long rainy season (May through October). This why flowers are always blooming, vegetables and coffee are grown. You can take coffee tours and see the process how coffee is taken from a bean to very aromatic coffee cup. You can see a satellite view of Antigua through Google Maps.

I came across a photo gallery of Finca Filadelfia by Eve Andersson who says, “The Filadelfia Coffee Estate is a modern, charming coffee plantation just outside of Antigua. You can take a two-hour tour and learn about everything from growing the plants to producing the final, delicious end product.”

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  • How beautiful. I would love to take a coffee tour!

  • Thiên, thanks for the visit and you are more than welcome to come to Antigua and Guatemala.

  • Berit

    How nice to see all these pictures here, I´m getting sentimental here in front of my screen…I also was in Guatemala almost one year ago and I stayed long time in Antigua.So visitig your homepage is like looking at photos from home…I really miss all this!
    Bueno pues, disfruta tu timpo!Voy a visitar tu página pronto!

  • very beautiful place!!great shot!

  • beautiful! this will make a very nice postcard!

  • I think i’m going to buy some coffe from Guatemala, i love coffe and taste it every day. Nico green photo.

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  • Eric

    Is this take from san miguel?