Guatemalan Beers

Guatemalan beers, originally uploaded by rudygiron.

These are the widest available Guatemalan Beers. In the picture you can see the 1 liter container for Gallo, Victoria and Brahva. There are five other brands which belong to Gallo house (Cervecerí­a Centroamericana) as well as Victoria. Beer is the preferred alcoholic drink for Guatemala and quite understandable since it is a tropical country. My favorite Guatemalan beer is Moza [sp], a bock type recipe.

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  • cheers!!!!

  • Sompopo

    Ever tried Bahia which is brewed by
    Cerveceria Centro Americana in Guatemala City?

  • SirGT, cheers to you too.

    Sompopo, thanks for coming back. I have tried Bahia now that you mentioned it. Bahia beers, to me, tastes very much like Corona.

  • Simon

    Brahva?… Isn’t that intellectual property theft of Brazil’s Brahma, or vice versa?

  • Simon, actually Brahva is made by the same company that makes Brahma. It is, in fact, the same beer. I do know why they decided to change one letter to the otherwise very recognizable brand. Brahma is sold in many countries in South America.

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  • maggied

    Fernando’s Kaffee was the perfect stop after dinner last night! Great coffee, terrific atmosphere (told him I’d found out about his place on your site). Thanks again for your site and a l l the information. Now, I have 6 weeks to find all the places you’ve mentioned! Ahhhh, it’s great to be back!!!

  • Johnny

    Anyone know if there is an home brew supply areas to get real bear, all the guatemalan beers are pretty much pure piss! Long live the homebrew!

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  • Kelly

    Hey does anyone know how I can get Gallo Cerveza in the States? If not does anyone know how I can have it sent from Guatemala?

  • Cristina

    Kelly, Gallo beer is marketed under the name “Famosa” in the US. You´ll probably find it in places like NY and CA, where there are many Guatemalan immigrants.

  • Alvis Dunn

    A Mixta! 2/3 Gallo and 1/3 Moza…that’s my favorite. Especially when taken in El Portalito in Guate.

    I’ve got some Famosa in my refrig here in North Carolina right now, wish I had a Moza there too.

    I’ve seen old bottles and signs from Tacana but as I understand it they were forced out of business long ago. In the municipal museum in Xela there is an old bottle collection showing many beers and sodas from Guatemala’s past.

  • Alvis Dunn

    By the Way…”Es Mucha Cerveza!”

  • Eric

    @Alvis – I would love to make a mixta or three, or even better to find Moza in Massachusetts, but Moza is very rare here. I bought some in a store run by a lady from Chimaltenango about two years ago, but she hasn’t had any since. So I have a Famosa or two every now and then, and drink all the Moza I can when I visit Guatemala. Maybe if we imported more Moza, it would do wonders for U.S. – Guatemala relations ?

  • Alvis Dunn

    No doubt it would…how could it not? I tended bar for years and some time back tried to promote the Mixta concept in places where I worked….to some degree of success with draught…of course the old school Black and Tan is a classic Euro version.

    I think the Moza would have to be marketed as a Porter style rather than Bock here though.

  • Manolo

    Not to be a troll, but Bock is a Lager type of beer, while Porter is an Ale, or so it says Saint-Google. There are some bock beer here in Ontario, particularly from Germany and from some micro-breweries, but they are not the same as Moza 🙂 Porters, like Guiness, are thicker, and you have to be in the mood (at least me) to have one.

  • i think they changed the name due to Brahma sounding like Brama, which i believe is slang for Dog in heat.