Guatemala sells light and color

This is the view from the dining room. Guatemala sells itself as tourist destination and they focus mainly on the colonial towns, the Mayan people, the Mayan ruins and the Lake Atitlán. Well, they are missing the gorgeous warm light and colors that are available throughout Guatemala.

Here I leave you with the image: you are having breakfast and you decide to step through the doorway to get a little sunshine and you are overwhelmed by the amount greens and reds and the stunning warm quality of the light. I buy that on the spot, wouldn’t you?

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  • Your photos and commentary are fantastic. I haven’t planned any vacation yet this year, and have found our DP family a great way to explore ideas. I can see how nice your country is through your eyes. Keep up the great work!

  • I like everything about this picture. Great.

  • Great view, why do they have sticks of wood in the baskets? B B Q?

  • Eric, I thank you for your kind words. I did not know you stop by…

    Jazzy, me too. I like the light a lot.

    Patsy, wood is for the fireplace which next to the table in the dining room.

  • Pamela

    Yes, I would buy that on the spot. The colonial towns and the anchient cultures are interesting, but I agree with you: there are magical qualities such as this that would leave a lasting impression on any visitor, yet are hard to sum up in the brochure.

  • I like the way you put the words into your photos. I love sunshine! Great shot!

  • Those vines and leaves are making me smile…great shot!

  • What a beautiful view!

  • Ame

    Hi Rudy!

    I just love this shot!

    I’ve said it before…love the view from a shady place out into the sunshine!

    Your colors are so rich!

    I’ll visit often!


  • This is a lovely warm photograph – great compostion and colur. So inviting. I love your blog – thanks!

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