Guatemalan Cuisine: Shucos are hotdogs

Guatemalan hotdogs: Shucos, originally uploaded by rudygiron.

Shuco is a word that means dirty. It is not Spanish or Maya, but it is a word that represent their meeting point. Now why in the world would you use the world dirty for food; well, why not, if they can call them “hot dogs” in some other parts of the world.

Anyhow, the Guatemalan hot dog comes with guacamol (avocado sauce), boiled cabbage, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, mustard, hot sauce, and one or more of the following: chorizo (Guatemalan red sausage), longaniza (Guatemalan white sausage), salchicha (normal hot dog sausage), ham, bacon, pepperoni, german ham and sausages, chichen breast, beef steak fajitas, polish sausages, et-cetera. Well, at least they do at La Perrada, a hot dog joint in Antigua.

There are four sizes at La Perrada: normal (which is more less your normal bun), special (150% larger), jumbo (300% larger) and ballena/whale (500% larger). The jumbo is pictured here and it comes with five meat toppings and it costs about Q20 (US2.50). La ballena or whale has 10 or 20 meat topings at it rings about Q35 (US$5) and Q45 (US$6). I can barely finish a Jumbo, but other people have no problem with even a whale. I leave you with a picture of two acquaintances who were getting ready to devour their hot dogs. In the secondary picture you can see Pablo with two jumbos and Cynthia with a whale split in half.

Bon appetite!

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  • That is an incredible amount of food! Lots of meat, never seen a hot dog quite like this. Very funny photo of Pablo & Cynthia, LOL!

  • I just love la perrada’s shucos 🙂

  • The food looks delicious. I will have to make sure that I only visit your site when I am not hungry!

  • my, very very tempting! the description sounds scrumptious …*drools *

  • Yummy, I’m hungry now =)

  • Hi rudy, you could be a nice fellow and offer one shuco size sauropod to your visitors!

  • we have a sandwitch a lot like that, we called a hero. don’t know why it is called a hero.

  • bob

    YOu could probably live for a week on one of these. NIce shot

  • they look delicious and much more filling and satisfying than a plain old hot dog!

  • very interesting. perhaps we should do a theme day of local specialities in the dailyphoto organisation?

  • A terrible need to taste it is growing fast… Trapped !

  • I thank you for your comments and your visits. I am very happy to know you guys enjoy the food series.

    So when are you going to show us the food of your city?

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  • Monica

    Buaaaaa! Rudy, I want me some shucos! I will buy the stuff today and make some at home… it just doesn’t taste the same… You need to be on the street somewhere by the Liceo Guatemala to get the right taste… It might be the smoke and noise of Guate that gives it the yum yum taste! Saludos desde el Caribe!

    • @Mónica, you have to try the shucos from La Perrada next time you come to your home town. Make sure you call me up so we can meet and enjoy some shucos, mixtas and mixtas de cerveza. 😉

  • Gerardo

    It doesn’t mean just dirty. Shuco means filthy, like something you wouldn’t eat. But you know, the are delicious.

    • Yes Gerardo, shuco can mean dirty, filthy and rotten. We should delicious as well. 😉

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