Stairway to heaven

stairway to heaven

As soon as you enter the doorway to Hotel Centro Colonial Antigua you are presented with this winding stairway that takes you to heaven, or at least to second floor 😉 . Back when I did the doorways series, Marie Mcc asked where do the open doors take you to? Well, the open doors take you to a zaguán, or hallway, which in the old days was used as a waiting area for workers or servants and their animals. Nowdays, they are spaces to have plants and flowers or to park your car, or both since they quite large.

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  • sompopo

    This picture is now my desktop background. Gorgeous shot.

  • A beautiful courtyard

  • Composition of photo and details are outstanding. Have you ever posted the kind of camera(s) you use? Can you do that for us neophytes? Thanks!

  • Oh, Rudy, this is one of your most perfect, most beautiful and most romantic photos yet! We are so lucky to have you in the Daily Photo family!!!

  • Ame

    I just LOVE this shot…anything taken from the shade out into the light just does it for me! Thanks for sharing Rudy! (=

  • Sompopo: Thanks for the compliment. I have been uploading photos at 900×675, but other people have suggested I upload them a little larger so they can use them as wallpapers on their computers. I will do so and I think most people will be happy with an image at 1024×768.

    Kate: Yes I have done that as a matter of fact. I did it on July 2nd and August 6th. Besides, it is on the sidebar under Powered by and on the archived copy of the old site. I am a neophyte as well. All the photos on this sited have been taken with simple point-and-click cameras (Kodak EasyShare CX 4200 on the early photos of May, HP Photosmart M415 on June and July, and now the Canon Powershot A620).

    MarieMcc: Thanks for your kind words. Now to answer your email. I am still getting familiar with the Powershot A620, so I do a little cheating I take several shots of the same photo and I try to modified what that cameras wants to expose so I try to get a happy balance. I do this in two different ways, the first is to point the camera at midpoint into the highlights and the shadows and see what the camera gives to me. The second method is to do exposure compensation which I believe comes with most digital cameras and I just move the exposure until I find it is happy medium. Although I am very good at Photoshop I try to take the better photos from the start. I believe that I have not posted more than 3 or 4 photos where I actually used Photoshop. Okay, so now you know my tricks.

    Ame: I am glad you liked this photo. Come back tomorrow and the day after that, there are two more photos on these series.

  • Oh, this photo is gorgeous. I love it!!

  • Chantal

    oh excellent – for years i’ve drooled every time i’ve passed that hotel, it looks so gorgeous from the street! 🙂

  • love this shot!nice light and great depth achieved!

  • Awesome shot. Very romantic! Great backround for wedding photos!

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