Independence Day: Run Lola, Run

Independance's Torch and Marathon

As promised, today I bring a snapshot of the actual marathon. As you can see people, especially the young, seem to enjoy this marathon very much. On September 14th, Antigua is filled with people running in all different directions. Tomorrow, I will be posting another patriotic manifestation around Independence Day, stay tune.

I wonder what other parts of the world have a marathon as a way of celebrating their independence, do you know?

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  • sompopo

    Here in Atlanta Georgia USA, we have the 10K Peachtree Road Race every Fourth of July which celebrates our independence from Great Britain (July 4th 1776). As many as 55,000 entrants participate each year, making it the largest 10k in the world.

  • What a fun way to celebrate Independence Day! You can see that the people in the photo are having a good time. Nice shot!

  • Sompopo: Thanks for the information and I hope next year you will show us some of those photos on your blog.

    Helen: It does look like the have lots of fun. It is a traffic nightmare, but at least people enjoy it very much, unlike LA’s traffic nightmares. Just ask Luggi.

  • By the way, nobody noticed I have used two film titles as the title for this photo… does any of you have seen these movies?

  • I saw Independence Day but not Run Lola Run. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun, especially Lola. I assume that’s her, on the far right. 😉

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