An Old Guatemalan Cowboy

Old cowboy

I captured this image on a show about horses in San Miguel Escobar, a little village just outside La Antigua Guatemala. In the foreground we have an old Guatemalan cowboy showing his horse with pride, while in the background we have a crowd that gather just outside the church to watch the show. The organizers of the show very intelligently set the start of the show right after mass, so they could have a crowd served for them. This is a follow up photograph to Old Guatemalan Folks, in which Jackie commented that these folks “…are not interested in whatever’s going on…” Also, the grandmother and granddaughter that were selling comales a few days ago belong to this series about . There are other images in this series. Stay tune!

© 2006 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Looks great. I’ve only ridden once, ever.

  • This is a great photo! Thanks for stopping by my site.

  • Meg

    Rudy, I hope you have a very merry and delicious Christmas with your loved ones.

  • Love the colors! The clear blue, yellow, and red.

  • Hola!!!! Solamente queria decirte Feliz Navidad!!!! Espero que estés bien!! Me falta Guate. Saludos de Suecia.

  • Lynn: I only ridden twice myself.

    Randy: Don’t mention it. It was my pleasure to see your photos.

    Meg: Same to you… and a Happy New Year.

    Lessie: It could be better, but it was almost 11 am so the light was not the best.

    Danne: Las Posadas photo is dedicated to you.