Striking stripes

horizontal and vertical stripes

Thanks to a comment by Sarah from San Antonio Daily Photo, I noticed the opposing stripe patterns weared by this couple on my entry of Love is in the air.

Have an unexpected striking day!

Countdown side note: Today’s entry is number 295 so far and we continue with a countdown to post 300th. I will send the best ten photos (4″x6″) of this site to the person that makes the first comment after the 100,000 visit. See the entry on January 18th for further details.

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  • Ken


    You can take such a simple scene on the street and and turn it into the most beatiful pictures. Keep up the good work. I’ve enjoyed your photos every day for months. I can’t wait until I can get back down to Guatemala.

  • Good eye, Sarah! I love the little girl looking at them. 🙂

  • I have been lurking around for a while and thought that I would say hello. My wife and I adopted our daughter from Guatemala almost 2 years ago. She lived in Antigua for 4 months during the process. During our time there we formed great relationships with other adopting families and Guatemalan’s alike creating a true love for the culture.

    So while I suspect this blog is for a different purpose, I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to daily revisit the city we are so deeply connected to and encourage you to keep on keeping on.

    All the best!

  • Hi Rudy,
    I must confess I’m becoming a huge fan of your photos, they’re so natural and I enjoy too much visiting your blog.. I love the little girl face’s expression and the one of the woman too.. the kiss was before or after this moment?
    Saludos desde el otro lado del océano! 😉

  • I think that little girl is looking at that striking decolletage and wondering if she’ll grow up to look like that one day!

  • I just love an everyday shot of people! great catch, rudy!

  • Hah! Looks as if they’re having a little “discussion.”

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  • Ken: Thanks for your visit and your compliments. I try to show life in La Antigua Guatemala as I see it. Some of you may agree with my point of view and some of other do not.

    Lessie: I like the little girl too. I believe all three make the photo come alive.

    David: Thanks for your feedback. You are welcome! Remember, everyday you will find a new photo, sometime an interesting caption too.

    Dsole: Well, I am becoming a fan of your photos too. Keep up the fresh perspective in Madrid.

    Marie: Well, maybe just maybe.

    Santy: Welcome back. I know it’s been a while since your last visit. I know I’ve been away from Jakarta too. I promise I will come by to see all your recent photos. I am happy to know you’re well and sound. If you make a comment before Luggi, you will win 10 photos from the AGDP.

    Luggi: Welcome back. How’s LA (my other hometown)? If you make a comment before Santy, you will win 10 photos from the AGDP.