Rusted Owl

metal owl

The Artisans Fair was the showcase for the handicrafts made in all the villages around Antigua Guatemala. So far we have seen textiles, seeds, jade jewelry, wood, fruit and vegetable jars and now a forged metal owl. Wouldn’t you like to have a piece like this in one your rooms?

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  • I would love to have this lovely owl! I know right where I would put it!

  • Helen: come on, tell us where would you put the rusted owl?

  • Oya

    Hi, thanks for the comment on Istanbul DP and for the link ofcourse. Your country looks colorful like Turkey. Must be the warm climate.

  • I love metal art — and folkart. I have a metal basket with flowers on my wall and a metal cat on a side table…and would love something similar to the owl…but probably not this owl exactly. 😉 Seeing it would definitely start my blood pumping and my heart racing with excitement of what else I might find in the fair. 🙂 I think I’d worry about getting it on the airplane though. 🙂

  • Oya: must be the warm weather and the very old cultures that live here and there.

    Lessie: I am sure that you can take this kind of stuff with you in your luggage, so long it’s properly wrapped and marked.

  • Thank You