Guatemalan Cuisine Sampler

Guatemalan Cuisine Sampler

Nowhere is Guatemala’s syncretism more evident than in its food. Here you have a sampler of what is considered authentic traditional Guatemalan dishes, yet you can see Chinese fried rice and chow mein, French roll sandwiches fill with Spanish-style pierna (leg), Russian potato salad, buche and tomato salad, revolcado Guatemalan curry, Guatemalan tacos (fried flautas), fried chicken, and fried plantains in chocolate-based sauce by the name of mole. However weird this may sound, these dishes have little in common with the meals that originated them; they are Guatemalan food now.

Bon appetite!

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  • hi there, i am based in antigua, too. love the photos, well most of them. because, i wonder, are you being hacked? as some of the pictures in your archive

    for instance, tree branches on fire, the previews are of a sexual nature rather than the picture described (correct picture appears when i click on them)

    or it could be a flickr glitch.

    either way, great site, bookmarked

  • I’m feeling hungry already!

  • Oh, that look really tempeting, Rudy. I post today some typical raciones or tapas which were shown in a bar window. What it is Spanish style pierna? you mean pierna de cordero?

  • Yum, yum, double yum. I wouldn’t be able to pick. 🙂

  • Sam

    Hi Rudy,
    Thanks for all your wonderful photos. I visit your website every day to enjoy Antigua from so far away. I lived in Guate for 2 years and will be returning to Antigua on March 5. Maybe we can stop by and visit with you. Keep up the good work.

  • Jason: Thanks for the alert. It seems that it was a Flickr bug as you said.

    Mandy: Me too.

    Dsole: Es pierna de cerdo rellena con verduras y carne. Un platillo muy español.

    Lessie: I picked for you. I had mole.

    Sam: It will be my pleasure to meet with you. Look me up when you get here.

  • That’s making me feel hungry!!! Hmph!! :o)

  • Chantal: Too bad there is no 24-hour delivery from Antigua, otherwise I could send some of this stuff to you.

  • It turns out that there’s a contemporary dance festival in Guate in the summer, so my dance company could well be over for then 😉 (Yeah right, if either we empty our savings, or manage to secure funding by then).

  • I am SO hungry looking at this. But where are my favorite, the refried black-black beans?!

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