Take My Photograph

Take my photograph

Even though most, if not all, of the quick photo labs are digital now in La Antigua Guatemala, the old and traditional photo studios still remain open. How long will they stay open, I don’t know. I saw how in less than 18 months all the quick photo lab went digital and how the Guatemalan Photo Club members added a digital SLR as their main camera in their bags. Is film dead in Guatemala? Not just yet. Film cameras and Polaroid cameras are still the main equipment of the park and fair photographers and many of the traditional villages studios where digital equipment costs are prohibited and the technology too complicated. Besides, you can still find other uses for film cameras; for instance, I plan to use mine to shoot black-and-white only as soon as I can get a development kit for home. At chromogenic.net, you can find instructions for setting up your own black-and-white lab for $49.38 (update for inflation since the entry is from 2005).

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  • Lilly

    Lovely colours. Great perspective.

  • fantastic website. Wonderful! It makes me very homesick for Antigua -we’ve been there four times now and one day I hope we will live there.

  • Rudy:

    Ahí fué donde me tomé la foto para mi primer cédula. Ya vas, el siglo pasado…jajaja

    Saludame a Salvita y a su viejo cuando los veás.

    Por cierto, tu sitio estuvo en huelga el fin de semana, ¿qué pasó?



  • Lilly: Thanks for your comment.

    Susan: We’ll take care of this old town for you in the mean time.

    Edgar: Ya estás viejo mano. El siglo pasado, ¿he?