Flor de Izote or Yucca tree flower

Flor de Izote or Yucca tree flower

I don’t know why I have a fascination with the Izote tree, a member of the yucca tree family, also known as the Yoshua tree. Maybe its many arms and hands. Anyhow, I like it and its used often in the hedgerows around Antigua Guatemala. Its white flowers are edible and they are considered a delicacy. The izote tree flower is also the national flower for the neighboring country of El Salvador. You can see the white flowers right above the center of the photograph; you may need to see the larger version to actually see it. So far I have posted several photos of the palo de izote tree, but this one is my favorite.

What do you think of this weird-looking tree?

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  • we have them here and they bloom but they only grow about 3 feet high. i knew people ate them seems like a lot of work for so little food. people eat squash blooms also but i never tried that either.

  • Ale

    My next door neighbor has a couple of this trees in her garden, I have one in the front yard, tall, very tall, so is hard to reach the flowers, but my neighbor’s are smaller. Last year they were blooming and I was very tempted to “borrow” some of the flower to make “recadito con Flor de Izote” or ” huevos revueltos con flor de izote”. People think that I’m weird.

  • ana miranda

    where I can buy or get the flor de izote in las vegas

    chef ana miranda

    A.C.F. C.C

  • Maria Carmen

    I’m from Costa Rica, here we called the tree: ITABO, and we eat them, for each flower you can made severals meals because you can make them with eggs for breakfast or make a pie with potatoes and cheese. Are delicious. If you are in a diete can make it only with species and eat it with frijoles refritos ( beans), are fulfilling and have a lot of proteins. When I was small I lived in a farm, and my father plant them around the house to repele the witches (¿)… these are stories from the peasants. In Costa Rica we have many recipes for the flor de itabo. You have to be very carefull bcause in USA and Canada are a similar flower called Yucca or Adam’s needles and that ones are not good to eat.