Is it fair? Really it’s a fair

Is it fair? Really it's a fair

For those who like to imagine what ruins were like and what people did around them I have todays photo of San Pedro Las Huertas Town fair with the church (not a ruin) in the background and all kind of food vendors around the town’s plaza. So this is what the ruins looked like when they were in used by the people of the past. If you would like to browse for other photos from San Pedro Las Huertas, just follow the white rabbit or if you only want to see a better shot of the church in the background just say we’re not in Kansas anymore. Come back tomorrow for a follow up on the San Pedro Las Huertas fair. San Pedro Las Huertas is one the small villages that belong to La Antigua Guatemala. Here you can see the geomap location.

Update: I forgot to include this video clip on Friday.

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  • Fantastic photo… Captures the atmosphere and you’ve caught the lighting expertly.

  • What I would not give to experience Guatemala before I die. My wife and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last week and in all those years I have had only the stories and descriptions from my wifes family to go by. That is until I came across this blog quite some time ago. Rudy, you and I may not agree on a lot of things but I do appreciate you and this blog. Through this blog may be the closest I will ever get to being there but without it I may have never seen the wonder and the beauty of Guatemala.
    Muchas Gracias

  • Coltrane_lives

    I love the moon peaking through the clouds on a colorful gathering. Wish I was there to enjoy it all. I’ll hopefully be in La Antigua Guatemala in a couple of months. Ciao amigo!

  • Claudia

    brings back many memories. . .my grandma used to take us to the fair in the town where we grew up. I loved playing loteria, (a form of bingo, but instead of numbers there are items read out loud, for example, mermaid, heart, etc) eating plataninas, (fried plaintain slices) and I always played the cincos – I always won a clay chicken piggy bank thingie. . . after I would put in like 15 cents I couldn’t take it anymore and of course we’d have to break it to get the loot. . .

  • Pedp, this is a difficult shot because of the different light sources. I believe it was a happy medium.

    Sompopo, congratulations on the 30-year anniversary. Send a big hug and kisses to Flor, tell her she’s incredible… how did she manage to put up with you for long… 😉

    ColtraneLives, well, what are you waiting for… remember La Antigua Guatemala’s town fair is next month on July 25th.

    Claudia, stay tune because I will show some aspects of a typical Guatemalan fair… or stay away if you don’t want the memories. 😉

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