Guatemalan Fair: The Churreria Stand

Guatemalan Churreria Stand

A town fair is not a fair without the churros. A churreria is the place where they make churros; [CHOOR-roh] Similiar to a cruller, this Spanish, Mexican and Guatemalan specialty consists of a sweet-dough spiral that is deep-fried and eaten like a doughnut. Churros are usually coated with a mixture of cinnamon and confectioners’ (or granulated) sugar (source Just about now after looking the Guatemalan churrerí­a, I got the cravings for a cinnamon-covered bag of churros, would you like an order too? If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you can always have plataninas, poporopos, chicharrines, and anillos frescos y calientes; your choice.

If you are interested I will describe what all those things are. Boy how difficult it is to describe something that has to be experienced and tasted first hand.

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  • Colourful, inviting, hope to try these delicacies sometime. Looks like a juice stall next door?
    A great shot Rudy.

    Planet Earth Daily Photo.

  • i am sure everyone has a good time and food is good.

  • Callie

    Yum! When I studied in Spain, churros were served with a thick hot chocolate to dunk them in. It was delicious! I looked for churros when I was in LAG, but I must have missed them.

  • JW

    Sounds good. Our mission team leaves for Guatemala manana. We are mostly are going to be in the rural mountains, but next Friday we get to visit the Antiqua Market. I think I’m going to have to try some churros, if I can find them.

    Thank you, so much for your website, it’s made getting ready for my trip all that much more exciting AND I think I am also a little less anxious as well. GRACIAS POR TODO!

  • Jerry T

    I absolutely love the color in these Fair shots. Having stood in the paved area in front of this church, and just scrapbooking the photos this week, makes this all very real to me. I will return soon. We bought pastries from a vendor in Cuidad Vieja like these last September when we were there. Yummy!

  • “A town fair is not a fair without the churros.” You got that right Rudy. Every carnaval, every fiesta, there are these same stalls here. In some places they have permanent stalls now and we can buy them frozen in bags, or make ones own, but the last two just don’t appeal to me. It’s a bit like the old British custom of eating fish and chips from newspaper: churros taste better somehow if you eat them walking down the street. Best with hot chocolate, definitely. Salivating …

    Off topic: Did you get my email about the Bishop Rudy?

  • Coltrane_lives

    Churros! Love them. We’ve a Guatemalan panaderia that makes excellent churros…also empanadas! Can’t wait to get back to LAG. You’re right, Rudy. It’s difficult to describe food that others may not have tried, but you do an excellent job. I must admit I’ve not had churros with chocolate but now will try it. Ciao!

  • Ann

    Oh Callie…that sounds so yummy! :-b

    Rudy, I sure hope you’ll describe what plataninas, poporopos, chicharrines, and anillos frescos y calientes are. Don’t you wish someone would hurry up and invent smellatube and tasteavision? 😉

  • Pedp, actually the stall next to the churreria is fresh fruit puesto. Stay tune, for the fresh fruit stall.

    Patsy, well, I am not sure about how healthy the food is, but for sure it is great-tasting junk food.

    Callie, churros are normally only fair thing, although there are places where you can get them all the time.

    JW, you will have to find the town’s fair nearest to you to try the churros. You might be able to find churros in el mercado.

    Jerry, Ciudad Vieja has a small village by the name of San Miguel Escobar which has its fair in September. Also San Miguel Dueñas has its town fair in the last two weeks of September.

    Pamela, I did get your note about the Bishop. I will try to cover the event. I may even send you exclusive pictures.

    ColtraneLives, I haven’t had churros with chocolate deeping either, but for sure I will try if I ever visit Spain or Tenerife. 😉

    Ann, plataninas are like potato chips, except they are made from green plantains; poporopos are just pop corn; chicharines are pork rinds; I don’t know what are anillos frescos y calientes, maybe onion rings.

  • Thanks Rudy. That would be brilliant.