Guatemalan Fair: The Sawdust Processional Carpets

Guatemalan Fair: The Sawdust Processional Carpets

The People of La Antigua Guatemala and surrounding villages simply love to make processional carpets and the town fair provides the perfect excuse to make sawdust and flower carpets throughout the year; really why wait for Semana Santa (Holy Week).

Along with the processional carpets, white and yellow plastic decorations mark the route of the town’s procession. Nobody is allowed to step on the carpets before the procession.

The Royal Street Side Note: By the way, the name of this street is Calle Real (Royal street) which is the name given to the main street or avenue in small towns in rural Guatemala. This was done to mark the streets where the king and queen could walk by. It’s been 186 years since Guatemala obtained its independence from Spain in September 15, 1821; yet the streets are still called Calle Real, just in case The Kings ever show up—and they did in San Pedro Las Huertas. Check out the full coverage of the Kings of Spain visit to San Pedro Las Huertas earlier this year.

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  • What a fantastic photo. Love the composition and colours.

    Planet Earth Daily Photo.

  • Depending on the kind of wood used, that trail might smell as good as it looks.

    I can imagine cedar.

    If you visited my blog yesterday and left a comment about our 52nd wedding anniversary, I wanted to say, “Thanks.”

  • Rebecca Blankenbicker

    I had no idea that carpets were done at tomes other than Semana Santa!! What a treat it was to see those incredible creations on our visit this past Easter.


  • Claudia

    RUdy, what are those lines on the ground that look like ropes? are they speed bumps? I really like the background – makes me feel like I’m there .

  • Pedp, I almost got the carpet to enter and leave diagonally across the frame. I am glad you like it.

    Abraham, Happy Anniversary. You and Patty make an outstanding couple. Yes, you are right, sawdust has a scent too.

    Rebecca, The make carpets year round for all the catholic rituals and festivities. But, they are not as elaborate and pretty as the ones you saw in Semana Santa in Guatemala.

    Claudia, I believe they’re the shadows of the white-n-yellow strings hanging above.

  • I love colours and sky !!!

  • Follow the Yellow brick road (Tin man’s heart was stuffed with sawdust!)

  • Giu

    …me encantan las alfombras de flores! aquí las usan para el Corpus Cristi y para el dia central del Señor de los Milagros.

    Muchos saludos!

  • A royal thoroughfare for a royal city. La Antigua will always be special…its modern kings and queens are its “soulful” inhabitants. Beauty of a photo! BTW…Rudy, I think that little girl in blue at the right was waving at you!:-)

  • Fabrizio, the contrast of the colors was nice at the moment I took the photograph.

    Pamela, I understand your reference now. We’re not in Kansas anymore.

    Giu, también aquí ponen alfombras en esos días y otras festividades. Es un gusto saber que te atreviste a cruzar la línea del Ecuador y visitar a tus compañeros latinoamericanos.

    Coltranelives, maybe she was waving at me, I didn’t see it though, I was to preoccupied with making sure all the elements fit inside the frame. 🙁

  • I love the blue, blue sky and the yellow and white streamers, canopy for the beautiful orange carpet. And you also have people in the pic! Great photograph.

  • Ann

    What I’d like to know is who cleans all this saw dust up when it’s all over?! 😮 That must not be a fun job at all.

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