Cup of Guatemalan Coffee

Cup of Guatemalan Coffee

Fernando’s Kaffee is one of Xeni Jardin’s favorite coffee porn joints in La Antigua Guatemala. Fernando, a long-time acquaintance, has a passion for freshly-roasted coffee and maps. I was lucky to caught both in one single shot. You can check Xeni’s Guatemala: Coffee Porn (video clip and photos) for an overview of how you can get a cup of Guatemalan coffee made fresh from the coffee beans. Take that Starbucks!

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  • sompopo

    Now your talking. 🙂

  • we don’t have star bucks near here and if there was, the cost would stop me.

  • I couldn’t pass a cup of coffee in the portal. Nice pic the way you’ve set it out.

  • Yes, I can’t see Starbucks ever bothering to try to get into Spain either really, when every street corner and points in between already have bars that sell excellent coffee (as you know Rudy, we also have imported Guatemalan coffee here too). I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a Starbucks, much less patronize one and can’t even imagine why I ever would either. 🙂

  • Jerry T

    I don’t care for Starbucks coffee..It is roasted too long and tastes burnt to me. They do however, sell a lot of Guatemalan coffee. In our local shop, they have a huge poster of a Guatemalan scene with Guatemala in really large letters written on it. I would love to be in La Antigua today sitting in a coffee shop eating Guatemalan breakfast and drinking Guatemalan coffee..Ahhh, almost heaven! Hoping to be back in spring 2008.

  • Tara

    What a great photo! I like how it looks like a heart in the cup;)

  • I love the shot — really well composed!

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  • My mom said she had great coffee in La Antiqua. I also recently heard on the radio that I could roast coffee beans in my popcorn popper – I am so going to try it.

  • Jeff Hall

    A mate recommended me to check out this page, brill post, fanstatic read… keep up the nice work!

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