The Guatemalan Flag Should Be This Blue…

Guatemalan flag and guards in balcony

Thanks to our resourceful readers now we know exactly what shade of blue should the Guatemalan Flag should be. Manolo provided us with the exact Guatemalan Congress Act 104-97, available as a PDF download, which determines the color blue as ISCC-NBS 177. Then, Manolo, who felt like procrastinating, decided that ISCC-NBS 177 was not something most people could understand as Celestial Blue, so he gave us a web site address where we could look at the specific shade of blue. He went even futher, and submitted the HTML codes #4285B4 and #4997D0 for the Guatemalan flag blue. Xensen, took this information and came back with Pantone Matching System 297 and 298 and a link to get an idea of the color. So with all this information at our disposal, we now know what the official blue should be used in the Guatemalan Flag (like the photo below). But, like I said yesterday, “… Reality dictates that the Guatemalan flag can be blue, any blue really, with or without the emblem or coat of arms.”

The Mayan Vote Slideshow Side Note:
Back in July 17th, I described why Rigoberta Menchú’s candidacy was an impossible mission and listed some of the reasons. The New York Times published a recent slide show entitled The Mayan Vote, which presents 12 photographs by Eros Hoagland taken around Santiago Atitlán. The slide shows presents voters from this indigenous Tz’utujil village on the lake-shore of Lake Atitlán and why they voted against the only indigenous candidate for the Guatemalan presidency: Rigoberta Menchú. Like Manolo, you should procrastinate for the next 5 minutes and go see these 12 stunning photographs by Eros Hoagland at the New York Times web site. Come back afterwards and share with us here what these photos make you think and feel.

The Guatemalan Flag Should be This Blue

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  • Ellen

    Thanks for researching & posting those pantone codes – such a beautiful shade of blue. I looked at those photos from the New York Times … I am so so sad to see the gang “tagging” on the walls in Santiago Atitlan. Living in California I see that graffiti all the time and it is so ugly. It is so distibuing to see it polluting beautiful Guatemala.

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  • LD

    Ellen: sorry to tell you that beautiful Guatemala is tagged to the max.
    Rudy: so now that you’ve figured out the exact shade of blue, could you let the national soccer team know before they come out with their next uniforms?

  • Ellen, actually I did not do any research. It was the work of LAGDP readers like yourself. Not all graffiti is ugly… you should check out Banksy.

    LD, if Guatemalans can not get the right hue for the color blue on the national flag, what makes you think they could in the national fútbol team uniforms.