Office Window View

Office window view

Here is a little over-sharing, as Miss Jill would say. This is one of the views from our office window into the garden. Here we can see José, our green-thumb gardener waiting for the heavy rain to pass. By the way, rain is one of the most difficult things to photograph. Here I set shutter’s timing at two seconds, holding the camera over the window crate as a tripod, to try to capture the heavy down pour, yet I was only able to show silky lines. I’ve tried to do the same before in the entry Comtemplating the heavy rain with a little better success. We are about one to two weeks from the end of the rainy season.

What kind of weather are you experiencing where you live?

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  • Like the photograph…tip… best way to shoot rain is at night with a back light.

  • Geoffrey

    you asked what kind of weather are we experiencing/// well here in Southern Cal the weather is hot and dry. The air is ashy and heavy due to the different wild fires. Theres a brown mass hovering between the ground and the sun, it creates a sepia effect. Hopefully the fires can be contained soon.

  • Todos los días te visito…aunque no comente, siempre estoy acá. Verdad, que no me contestaste el e mail de la cámara, creído…jajajajaja

  • LD

    The weather has been unseasonably warm and the leaves are turning beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red. It’s nice, but scares me, because I know that winter is just around the corner.

    Enjoy the rest of the rainy season and all those shades of green while they last.

  • Shirl

    The weather in Alabama is cool (50F-70F), raining and a hit of winter around the corner. We are happy to have the rain since we are in a Stage 2 Drought.

    I traveled to Guatemala two times once in the month of May and then in August of 2006. Both times I found it very humid like Alabama and very beautiful. I hope to visit again. I fell in love with Guatemala! Great photog opportunities for photographers of vibrant colors such as myself. I envy you.

  • I like your Window View! We have rain 🙁