Bed and Breakfasts in La Antigua Guatemala

Homeless and Dog in La Antigua

The irony of life in La Antigua Guatemala, a tiny colonial town with hundreds of bed & breakfasts, luxury hotels, cozy posadas, 5-star hotels, and thousands of rooms for every kind of budget. Yet, the number of homeless people without a roof increases every year. Certainly, life can be tough in La Antigua Guatemala.

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  • Well well… this is a side of every city that is usually not showcased, but it does exist, no matter how idyllic the place is. The “backtracked” posting is just beautiful (the yellow frame to the atemporal Mayan woman), whereas this one just is…
    Rudy, have you changed the colour palette of LAGDP? Sometimes it is green and sometimes it is red… I think you are some sort of watermelon 😉

  • we have homeless people, adults as well as children. the weathest nation on the face of the earth. and we can’t house people but we can go into another country and spend billions making them homeless. makes me very sad.

  • LD

    Great caption choice for that photo, Rudy. It makes the image so much more powerful.

  • The other face eh! What a picture…no bed, no breakfast.


  • Powerful image — especially with your commentary.

  • sompopo

    One in four of the homeless here in the US are veterans including ones from Iraq and Afghanistan. That is unconscionable to me.

  • Manolo, I hope you don’t mind the color/focus change too much. I do not want to picture La Antigua Guatemala like a perfect paradisiac place to live. I do not want you to believe everything is fine and dandy in La Antigua Guatemala. I don’t want you mistakenly believe this place is better than your town [well in your case it might just be 😉 ]. Better is subjective. On the other hand, I try to show how real life is in and around La Antigua Guatemala. I try to present you with a different lifestyle that is possible; a different way to live.

    Patsy, I feel very deeply your words. I know exactly what you mean.

    LD, thanks for the visit and your kind words.

    Chachi, I hope you don’t me showing the other side of the coin.

    Lessie, thanks. I am sure homelessness is present in every city, like Manolo said.

    Sompopo, the U.S. government does not take care of its veterans and the side effects of its many wars. People are disposable for the government. That is very sad and we should be anger and loud about it.

  • LB

    I have worked for many years as a social worker in homeless shelters. I have dealt with people that are homeless for many reason, true poverty, drug/alcohol abuse, Mental illness, physical illness and a few people that had the resources for a home and just preferred NOT to spend their money on housing. Instead a blaming the government (granted it has a big share of responsibility) lets all make a homeless persons day and offer them a meal, an extra blanket, a cup of coffee or just a chat.
    I will now jump off my soap box and say, love the website and can’t wait to see Antigua.

  • Ah yes. This is a familiar site in Montego Bay as well unfortunately.

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