Wedding Capital of Guatemala

Wedding Capital of Guatemala

La Antigua Guatemala is the most often used backdrop in Guatemala for… you name it. Anything from films, concerts, paintings, photos, festivals, religious rituals, and why not, weddings too. Actually, La Antigua Guatemala is used often as the backdrop for weddings not only of Guatemalans, but for many foreigners as well.

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  • It must be pointed out for non-guatemalans that there are two “weddings” couples have to go through. The “civil” wedding is the legal contract signed in the presence of a lawyer and witnesses and is the one that is registered in the records of the town it takes place… or the place of residence of the couple, I am really not sure. However, my point is that is the religious ceremony, the sacrament for Catholics, that is more common that takes place in La Antigua… at least that was my experience. In which case there is a special permission that the parish has to do to allow the wedding to take place in another jurisdiction. I guess the whole thing can be simplified by moving to La Antigua…
    Do more people combine the civil and religious ceremonies in one day nowadays? It’s been a while since I was in a wedding in Guate (or any wedding for that matter) so I wouldn’t know.

  • Manolo, I don’t know too much about weddings, although I went to a real Guatemalan wedding celebrated in a finca in San Miguel Dueñas just a few years ago.

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