Fire in the sky

Fire in the sky

The best time of the year to visit La Antigua Guatemala, or Central America for the matter, is now. The months of November through February are the coolest—in some places even as low as under 0° C/32° F (and even Canadians complain)—; there is no rain or very little downfall; there are all kinds cultural and traditional activities and celebrations; and the light is the best.

Here you can see the sunset on Saturday 18th at the Jamtigua International Music Festival, with Volcán de Agua (Water volcano photos) in the background, as well as Guatemala’s ever-present beer company. As the frame, I am using one of Pancho Burga‘s metal sculptures made from recycled metal scraps. Here is a link to check other works by Pancho Burga.

Very Interesting Reading:
Thanks to El Blog Diablógico I learned that Xeni Jardin, BoingBoing co-editor has been trekking through Guatemala and posting her impressions on her online travel log. Not often are we so lucky to have a professional writer, journalist and blogger publish a detail-rich travelog about Guatemala and her coverage of recent events, including an earthquake. After reading a dozen or so entries on her journal, I just come to realize that my attempts at documenting life in Antigua Guatemala are at best childish and plain basic. If you really interested in getting a feeling for what is like to live in Guatemala, I recommend that you read her travel reports. I leave you with a small sampling of her recent entries:

  1. Guatemala: Menchú forms indigenous political party
  2. Guatemala: veladoras (video clip)
  3. Guatemala: Terremoto [Ed. Earthquake]
  4. Guatemala: snapshot studies in Petén
  5. Guatemala: Medical aid for Mayan communities near Lake Atitlán
  6. Guatemala: Film – Killer’s Paradise
  7. Guatemala: Film – Estrellas de la Lí­nea
  8. Guatemala: some headlines in news here this week
  9. Guatemala: thousands of women protest wave of “femicides”
  10. Guatemala: Haciendo tortillas (video clip)
  11. Guatemala: 15 die in marketplace fire

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  • Dear Rudy,
    Your photo today is as beautiful as ever, your comments about Xeni Jardin’s blog very welcome. I enjoyed reading a number of her posts, she’s obviously a ver talented and spirited young lady.

    BUT PLEASE, recognising her talents doesn’t mean you should fail to recognise your own. Don’t talk of your own work as childish or basic. I’ve enjoyed reading you for several months now and am thankful for your commitment to bringing to the fore not only the touristy side of la Antigua but also the issues and problems that Guatemala faces today. Congratulations Rudy, and keep up the good work.

  • Like your blog

    I wouldn’t say childish or basic! I really enjoy your blog. The photos are exceptional and your insights into Guatemalan life enlightening. Thanks to your recommendation I just finished reading 1491–fascinating!

  • Ah, Rudy, I’m sorry, I read BoingBoing so I knew some time ago that Xeni was down there, but I thought it would be basic and childish of me to state the obvious! 🙂 To be honest, I think my ramblings are a bit basic and childish compared to yours. See, it afflicts us all. But, one shouldn’t compare apples with oranges: Xeni probably has fans who would read her words as “art”, even if she were writing about a trip to the bathroom. Our readers are probably mostly busy folk who want little more than the basic facts on the destination. The point is that different things suit different readerships and neither is really “better” or “worse” than the other.

  • ale

    Oh come on Rudy!, que paso mano?, I enjoy a lot your descriptions of living in antigua, I agree Xeni is good, and whatever, but your vision is more personal and that’s what i like.
    keep the good work and the great pics my friend.

  • that is a great photo. i will look at the site you mention but doubt if i enjoy it as much as your site.

  • les digo que guatemala es muy hermosa hace 1year 5meses estoy aqui

  • I looooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou

  • Nathalie: Thanks for your kind words. I will try to live up to them.

    Like-your-blog: I am happy to hear someone actually took on the recommendation, but I am even more happy to know enjoyed 1491.

    Pamela: I guess you’re right. I will try to do a little better though.

    Ale: Pues sí mano. A veces se le sube el humo a la cabeza, pero no hay como una Xeni para poner las cosas en perspectiva.

    Patsy: You are always so kind to me.

    Claudia: Gracias por sus comentarios ya que son el alimento para seguir adelante. Espero seguir llenando sus expectativas.

  • Your photos are wonderful. Antigua is indeed a vibrant place through the lens of your camera.
    Beautiful work!

  • I think i never commented here Rudy but let me tell you what a piece of blog you made of this… 😀

    Great Pics!

  • Meg

    Your photos are wonderful, and your narrations are very interesting. I think part of the purpose of DP is for armatures to show one’s city to others, not filtered through the eyes of a professional? As in, we can all have a go at it. I realize there are professional journalists and photographers among us as well, but isn’t part of the fun reading what the everyday people see and think?

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