Ranferi Aguilar, the Rain Maker, at Jamtigua 2006

Ranferí­ Aguilar in Jamtigua 2006

We continue the music journey at Jamtigua International Music Festival with Ranferí­ Aguilar and his Rain Maker show. Hacedor de Lluvia or Rain Maker could be classified as new age music created with pre-hispanic music instruments. I know this short explanation does not really explain Ranferí­ Aguilar’s music, so I decided to present two videos clips that might give you a better idea; look for them below.

Ranferí­ Aguilar must be one of the best musicians that have come out of Guatemala. For starters, he was a founding member of Alux Nahual, Guatemala’s most famous rock band. I talked about them on my entry for July 19th, 2006. Actually, when Alux Nahual broke up, a great band was lost, but several solo projects emerged from these great musicians and Ranferí­ Aguilar was one of them. Here is another shot of Ranferí­ Aguilar at the Jamtigua concert.

If I am not mistaken this is the first time I embed a video clip in this blog. I know this is a Daily Photo site, but I believe the usage of other multimedia is fine so long is supports the subject at hand.

Here is a second video clip of Ranferí­ Aguilar and his Rain Maker concert at Jamtigua 2006 that shows a little bit more of his music.

Please, let me know what you think about including video clips every once in a while?

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