La Peña de Sol Latino Sign

La Peña de Sol Latino Sign

Sol Latino is a band that plays mostly Andean and Latin American music. For a long time Sol Latino wonder around the different venues and bar/restaurant circuit in La Antigua Guatemala. Eventually, they managed to get an investor to open up a restaurant-bar so they could have their own stage where to play every night. La Peña de Sol Latino became their home base; thus, they needed to wonder no more.

Just wondering, how many signs from La Antigua Guatemala do you think I have published here?

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  • Kristobal

    Signs, signs, everywhere the signs. Walkin’ through my memory breaking my mind. DO THIS, DON’T DO THAT, Can’t you read the signs??!!!

    54 images right?

  • Kristobal, I am not sure the figure is correctly since I did not tag the daily entries for the first six months or so. Who knows really?

  • How many pieces does that sign have? It seemed as if the name of the band was an afterthought. Maybe is just the style…

  • Hey Rudy, I visited that restaurant last year on my trip to Guate, My aunt is friends of a member of the band. They are pretty good actually. And the food, not so bad either.

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  • I have been to Antigua several times recently. The restaurant, Pena de Sol Latino, and the band are both first rate. The first time I heard them I was walking at night past the restaurant. Several motorcycle police, street vendors, locals etc. were sitting across the street as the band played in sight of the entry. At one point there might have been 25 people sitting outside watching the band. I stopped to listen.

    I have heard a fair number of Andes pan flute bands and most are hacks. This band has real musicians playing both traditional music plus a mash up of Andes, Guatemalan and a bit more contemporary Latin music. I went in to be closer to the music and have a beer.

    I had a beer, dinner, and after dinner drinks with members of the band. Great food! The Macadamia nut fish (sorry, I can’t remember the name) was as good a meal as I have had anywhere.

    I’ve been back several times and I count Bill, the owner, as a friend.

    It is well worth your time to find this treasure in Antigua. You won’t regret it.


  • mike

    stumbled on this page when i was trying to find an address for la pena for my friend who will be leaving for antigua next week. just want to take a minute to say i had such an incredible experience at that restaurant during my travels through central america. it was actually the reason i had wanted to stay in antigua a day longer! after recovering from my bout of montezumas revenge, i was pleased to enjoy the best meal i’d had in central america while i listened to a band of truly talented musicians. i was watching in awe as the guitarist (who didnt look a day over 25) played challenging songs on both the guitar and what i learned are called “zamponias” (not pan flutes as i had thought) at the same time! i highly recommend this restaurant any time i hear someone is going to guatemala. probably the most underrated part of the restaurant is how great the service is… i found it a struggle to find good service in restaurants during my trip and maybe its the gringo owners or the fact that the cute gringa was my waitress, but i felt like everything was given to me before i even asked for it! a night at la pena de sol latino is an experience all on its own and cant be missed if you are in guatemala.

  • Sol Latino, the highly acclaimed band of La Peña de Sol Latino restaurant in La Antigua, performed Nov. 25 at Nutria Ecolodge Marina in Rio Dulce Guatemala.“></

    photo editor at

  • kd

    The macadamia nut fish is mero, a kind of grouper I think.