Meeting of the Central American Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Riders

Harley-Davidson Encuentro Centroamericano en Guatemala 2008 - 5

Well, between precessions, a jazz festival and a Central American meeting for Harley-Davidson motorcycle riders, La Antigua has been anything but a quiet place. The roaring of hundreds of Harley-Davidson choppers from all over Central America was deafening. The long row of motorcycles overcrowding the 7a avenida sur was something to be seen.

Boy, I wished you were here! 🙂

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  • I’m so glad that you caught the pizza delivery guy in this crowd… I wonder if he was at all nervous about the company.

  • HAHAHA I didn’t notice the pizza guy before. I don’t know how scary bikers would be in LAG or in Guate in general. It would be an expensive hobby for a selected elite. Very different from biker gangs, whom particularly in Canada are almost synonim with organized crime. However, there are pure “innocent” Harley Davidson and bike enthusiast around here too. They gather every Friday the 13th (regardless of the month) in a town in the shores of Lake Erie, I think is Port Dover, but don’t quote me on that. 😉

  • MO

    Nice try Mr Domino delivery man trying to blend in with the HD dudes. The little mini oven box on the backseat gave you away.

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  • Kelly

    Does anybody know where in Guatemala City or Antigua I can take lessons on how to ride a motorbike? I live in Guat city.
    Thank you!

  • Ana

    Sat 29 Nov thru Sun 30 Nov Track Day Motorcycling at Los Volcanes, Intnroductory Course (1-day, $95, incluedes use of motorcycle), Motorcycling 101 (2-day, $130), Motorcycling 201 (2-day, $141)
    Peter Aras
    C.O. Jones Motorcycle Co. – Big Mamas Biker Café
    2 Av. 8-35, Zone 9
    Ph. – 2385-0563
    Mob. – 5810-2284

  • so the pizza guy is hoping you fellas will get hungry and buy up second rate dominos pizzas?

  • I think that first pic really showed off a hot bike.