Tres Volcanes Honey Spread Project

Tres Volcanes Honey Spread Project

The Departamento of Sacatepéquez (State or Province), where La Antigua Guatemala is located and to which is the Department’s Capital, is very dynamic and project-oriented State. Perhaps the fact the La Antigua Guatemala is the NGO’s capital of the world has something to do with it.

Anyhow, this is the most recent project I have come across. Tres Volcanes Honey Project (do you know the name of the three volcanoes?) based out of San Miguel Escobar, is trying to offer a sweet deal to the communities it buys honey from by creating new and innovative products out the labor of the bees.

A really sweet idea, don’t you think so? I hope it spreads! 😉

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  • Sweeet… I am always complaining that there is no good honey to be found in these latitudes(just Maple syrup, I guess) so I should bring some Tres Volcanes spreadable honey next time.
    Are the volcanoes Agua (Water), Fuego (Fire) and Acatenango (Acatenango) or have they been moved/renamed?
    Oh, the memories of The Little Prince…

  • Is this really what was in the big bag of yesterday? 😉

  • coltrane_lives

    Does “Pacaya” count? So many volcanoes, eh? I’m a honey and (for Manolo) a Maple syrup junky (the real maple syrup, too). Love ’em both!

  • Manolo, once again you guessed correctly the name of the three volcanos.

    Eliane, no, pepitoria was the contents of the big bag.

    Coltrane_lives, the Pacaya volcano is not near the Panchoy/Alomolonga vallies in which La Antigua Guatemala is located. P.S. see the link to the map of Sacatepéquez.

  • Teresa

    Hi Rudy, where can I find said honey? (In Antigua) Or other brands that you might also suggest? Thanks! Also, do you know where I can find local dark chocolate?