Guatemala: The Land of the Eternal Spring

Guatemala: The Land of the Eternal Spring

This photo of the illuminated garden was taken from the dining area at Quinta de las Flores, where I was lucky enough to have dinner with John and Catherine who visited La Antigua Guatemala from Portland, Oregon. Too bad we were not able to repeat it due our busy schedules.

My public gratitude and thanks goes out to both of them who donated some items from the Amazon Wish List as a way to support to work that goes behind the making of La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo. Thanks to Catherine and John, I can now say that the photo-taking process is fully ecological green and panza verde green! 😉

The photo above makes me think of the film Mightnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Too bad I did not get at least one of the many Maximones in display at Quinta de las Flores Hotel.

If you want to learn more about Maximón, please visit the web site of Tim Hiiliard’s Home. From his web site you can read this full page article about Maximón which appeared in Prensa Libre; Guatemala’s largest newspaper. Now, if you want to buy your own Maximón to take back home, please visit El Curandero Gallery, where they have a great collection of original and antique Maximón figures and Maximón Mask.

I guess I owe to do a series on Maximón, what do you guys think?

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  • MO

    Maximon series would be nice. Thanks for the Maximon information links.

  • Luis Samayoa

    Too bad that for me and my wife you could not make time to meet during my last trip to La Antigua Guatemala. We still feel hurt.

  • Luis, tendremos que hacer el tiempo para el ceviche la próxima vez que tu esposa y tú visiten LAG. Siento mucho no poder haberme reunido con ustedes… ya sabes las obligaciones laborales a veces no permiten hacer todo lo que uno quisiera. 🙁

  • coltrane_lives

    Rudy, I hope you know that I so regret the fact that my wife and I couldn’t squeeze the lemon of time to meet you for lunch or something when we were in LAG. As for this photo…brilliant in every way. I’d love to hear more about Maximon, too. Your reference to the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” makes me smile, since that is one of my favorites. The voice of Cassandra Wilson singing “Skylark” is hauntingly beautiful in the music score. Ciao!

  • It’s a lovely garden and it must be absolutely wonderful to have dinner there!

  • Okay, I will put Maximón on my to-do list. Stay tune!

  • Catherine

    John and I count our dinner with you as one of the highlights of our trip. I wanted to let you know that our team was able to do 80 surgeries in our 4 days in LAG. Thanks to you, our Doctors and Nurses were able to understand the plight of our Guatemalan patients better. Keep up the good work – and we will too ! We plan to return next May and we will get you a personal interview with Maximon at the Quinta ! Thank you again for your time and wonderful site, Catherine

  • Gina

    This is a great picture.
    We look forward to our visit to Antigua this summer.
    Your Blog has made it an evolving experience!

  • John

    It is a GREAT picture and the complexity of the set up was even more impressive. You are SO creative. I want to echo what Catherine said about your visit with us. I can understand people wanting to meet you and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to talk about why we were in Antigua and how we might continue to support you in your work. Thanks again.

  • Wendy

    This picture is on of my favorite ones, it leaves me dreaming…simply gorgeous picture! Thank you for sharing.

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