Tortilleria Ericka, Los Tres Tiempos

Tortilleria Ericka, Los Tres Tiempos

Quick question, what does Tres tiempos mean for a tortilleria?

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  • Beth in MN

    She makes them three times a day?

  • Eric

    Here’s a sign I wish I saw here in Massachusetts ! “Tortillas 3 times a day”.
    Rudy, you’re making me hungry … again …..

  • Blandina

    hmm, growing up in the country, Departamento de Alta Verapaz and then Departamento de Izabal, a “tiempo” is a meal. Tres tiempos covers means three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and diner. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like hot tortillas for your tiempos!

  • emromesco

    As a child I thought it was part of the name of the tortilleria. Fresh tortillas with lime and salt, just as they are, are the best mid-day snack! The best thing is that the tortilla-wallah used to walk the streets by noon announcing the delicious product she carried on a big canasto on top of her head.

  • Eric

    Perdoname, Blandina. When I was In Santiago Atitlan, I would ask people, “What are the three times I should be here ?”, and of course they would say, “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner”. What I remember most is the heavenly smell of fresh tortillas …

    What do you think, Rudy … better tortillas in Mexico, or La Antigua ? I have not been to Mexico yet (soon!), so I am a little biased toward Guate.

  • @Eric, I can not say for sure. I like Mexican tortillas, especially all the variations from the tiny snack-size to the huge tlayudas from Oaxaca. The main difference being that in Guatemala tortilla-making is not an industrial process yet, like it is in many of the places I visited while in Mexico.

  • I have no idea, but I’d love to try those tortillas! There’s not a single Guatemalan restaurant here in Metro Manila.

  • Ale

    I wish we had a tortilleria up here. Fresh is always the best.

  • I love Guatemalan tortillas, thick and almost fluffy. A Mexican friend bought me a tortilla press, which I use to make tortillas flatter (and faster), the way he likes them. I haven’t yet mastered the Guatemalan way of patting them out by hand, much less the art of moler, making masa the real way. I use Maseca 🙁
    Some of my favorite photos of yours, Rudy, are the ones of women making tortillas. I hope you went inside Tortilleria Erika to take some pictures!

  • When I’m craving Tortillas “hechas a mano” I have to make my own with Maseca, of course I don’t flip them over back and fort between my hands making the characteristic “flap flap flap” sound (which is why they are call “Tortillas”, for “tortear” I guess?) otherwise I have to relay on the mexi ones. I try a different kind of Guatemalan tortilla in San Jose Peten, they’re awesome, very thin but not so like the industrial kind, still by hand tho. A fresh made tortilla just need some salt and your good to go.

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