Santo Restaurante Lounge Sign

Santo Restaurante Lounge Sign

I said it before, but I repeat it now: I could go on forever photographing the never-ending supply of signs around Antigua. It looks like every time I blink a new business opens its doors.

The other day, I read an apocalyptic article entitled Antigua 2020 in which the author describes the business association delightful reaction as the very last citizen of La Antigua Guatemala is forced to move out into a neighboring village and his home becomes yet another business enterprise, thus turning Antigua into a giant 63-block mall.

Oh how jealous mister Disney would be of our colonial-themed humongous mall, don’t you think?

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  • I have heard some really good things about restaurants in Antigua, including La Fonda de la Calle Real. Do you have any pictures and/or reviews of that and/or other restaurants in Antigua? It would be cool to get a profile and picture of some of your favorites. For me, half the fun of traveling is trying out new food at cool restaurants!

  • patricia cortez

    that’s why I don’t like to go often to Antigua, I feel like i’m in a never ending mall, and worst of all, full whith everybody’s trash… REALLY EXPENSIVE very much over any other place that sells the same products.
    I miss when there was only one or two coffee shops and only one very good cookies store, and a few restaurants with really good native food, and all the souvenirs where sell in san francisco’s market place

  • Rudy, I could never get tired of the pictures you take of signs. this is a lesson for graphic designers that go too fancy. I believe Antigua could be a case study for all GD.