La Antigua Guatemala Becomes the First Digital City in Central America

Antigua's Central Park Is Now FREE WIFI Zone

The above sign about ZONA WIFI (wifi zone) now on display on the four corners of the Plaza Mayor (Main Plaza) of La Antigua Guatemala is an initiative from local Municipalidad (City Hall) to provide FREE Internet wireless access; that’s what zona wifi really mean.

As far as I know, with this FREE wifi zone around Central Park, La Antigua Guatemala becomes the first city/town and municipality to provide free wireless Internet access in Guatemala. There are many private WIFI zones in Guatemala, especially in restaurants and bars, but this initiative would be the first of its kind for a local government in Guatemala.

As matter of fact, the importance and relevance of this Zona Wifi is of such magnitude that a press release at the Municipalidad de La Antigua Guatemala web site states the following:

El departamento de Informatica informa: Impulsando la Primera Ciudad digital en Centro America, Internet GRATIS en el parque central de Antigua Guatemala

The department of information technology (IT) informs: La Antigua Guatemala becomes the FIRST digital city in Central America with free Internet [wireless] access in around the Central Park of La Antigua Guatemala.

I congratulate Dr. Adolfo Vivar, Mayor of La Antigua Guatemala, and the City Council government for taking the giant step!

I will take some time next week to highlight some the major and innovative programs sponsored by Dr. Vivar and the Municipalidad of La Antigua Guatemala.

What’s your opinion regarding the free internet access around Antigua’s Central Park?

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  • Rudy, if I order today or tomorrow, is it possible to receive prints by, say, Dec. 22? I would like to use some 4×6″ prints to make notecards to give as gifts.

  • John Dioka.

    I congratulate La Antigua, Guatemala for becoming the first Digital city in Central America!

  • Estelle

    Another opportunity to have my laptop stolen. What will they think of next?



  • The child is too cute … Congratulations on the ZONA WIFI. Something which is common in the US however I don’t think heavily used. Must people, using a computer, are in a coffee shop or bar. However, I have captured a few photos of people surfing the Internet while sitting in one of our parks.

  • Sompopo

    Wi Fi is great but you must beware of enterlopers who can easily access your personal information useing this method of internet access. It happens alot here in the states. Identity theft is a big problem everywhere.

  • Nelo

    Its a great idea to use with mobile devices with wifi as iphones or ipods, but i don’t think i will be there with my macbook to show all those are looking free gifts.

    And as the post of Sompopo said, everyone needs to learn about security on their computers, at a university at Guatemala city after connect to their wifi i was looking all their sharing folders or complete hard disks. With more time you can find good info there.

    Did you know that on England (i think, not so sure now) there’s not so many wifi zone, why? well if someone decide to create a virus or send anonymous mails of something else the owner of the wifi access have to respond for this.

    But, yes is a great idea of the Mayor and for sure that I will check my mail at the park.

  • @Janna, I believe so… the whole process normally takes about a week.

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