Casa Antigüeña: The Living Room

Casa Antigüeña: The Living Room

Now, I don’t know if the fireplace was an element of the original house from La Antigua Guatemala, but in recent years it looks like, under the influence of the expat community, the fireplace has become commonplace inside all the new houses. I say that I am not sure about the fireplace being an original architectonic element of the casa antigüeña since the weather in and around Antigua is always Spring season year-round.

The word for living room in Spanish is sala and the word for fireplace is chimenea which also applies for chimney and chiminea.

Can anybody say for sure if fireplaces were common in the original colonial homes?

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  • Thomas Wheeler

    Well now the fireplace in this picture is very much like the one I have in my bedroom in Antiqua when I go down there makes me feel at home Sincerely Thomas up here in cold Wisconsin Can’t wait to get back to Antiqua

  • I asked my dad about the fireplaces, he lived in Antigua when he was a teen and we still have a lot of family scattered there. He cannot think in one house from the whole family with a fireplace, and he shared your same opinion about no needing a fireplace with Antigua’s lovely weather.