Casa Antigüeña: The Cupola

Casa Antigüeña: The Cupola

The cúpulas (cupolas) has to be among the most distinctive architectonic elements of the Casa Antigüeña. Originally design as chimney for the kitchen or to provide light and air to a room, nowadays the cúpulas are mainly decorative pieces.

The cupolas break the otherwise flat rooftop line of the La Antigua Guatemala.

Don’t you want to have one these cupolas in your home? I know I do! 😉

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  • Craig S.

    Is the cupola then what lets in the light that washes the back wall of the kitchen — over the stove top?

  • Michelle

    Rudy, I love the architecture in Antigua…cupolas, doors, windows, iron work. Along with the spring-like weather, Antigua is magical. Keep up the great work, I look forward to your photos everyday.

  • Hmmm… that must have been great for air circulation! But not with glass panes 🙂

    Beautiful architectural detail. I hope you can feature a photo of the roof line of La Antigua. Must be wonderful!

  • Hmmm… that must have been great for air circulation! But not with those glass panes 🙂

    Those cupolas are a beautiful architectural detail.

  • Scott


    ¿Cuánto dinero para esta casa?

    These appear to be some of the nicer homes in Antigua. Where are they?


  • This is stunning. THe blue and white are just gorgeous. Wow

  • @Craig S, actually no. The light washes the kitchen comes from some crystal blocks behind this cupola. I will post a photo this weekend for you benefit. Nevertheless, this cupola does provide a wonderful light to the kitchen area, right around the painting and counter.

    @Michelle, thanks for your wonderful feedback. I am glad to know that you’re enjoying the daily photos.

    @Hilda, stay tune for the next two days to get a feel for the rooftop line of the near-by houses.

    @Scott, check my comments in the corridor page, I suggested a going price for this house in there.

    @Virginia, I am glad you like it!

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  • Lico43

    arq. Pequeña construcción en forma de torrecilla que se dispone como coronamiento ornamental de una cúpula y que por sus vanos laterales permite el paso de la luz.Creo que esto se acerca mas a la descripción de la estructura arquitectónica de la foto