Arches: Colonial Architectonic Design

Arches: Elements of Colonial Architectonic Design

This is crap!

The four basic principles of graphic design are: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity. It was Robin Williams, the graphic designer and teacher, who came up with the memorable acronym to help people remember these basic principles.

I believe this photo embodies the basic principles of contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity (crap); don’t you agree?

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  • Lisa

    Yes, I agree, now that I’ve taken the time to process your comments – it’s CRAP! Now, can you please tell us where it was taken? I feel like I’ve seen this before….

  • @Lisa, oh I don’t think you can remember the entry Arches at the Jocotenango Municipalidad from October 4th, 2007, do you?

  • Lisa

    Well, I’ve been through Jocotenango but I don’t think I’d remember seeing this just passing through….maybe I did remember the photo! I’ve been following your blog since after my first visit to Antigua in May 2007.

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