Portrait of a Painter at Work

Portrait of a Painter at Work

Last Saturday, while having lunch with Eric, one of the loyal readers of AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com, at the restaurant without a name where you get the best carpaccio, quiche and roasted tomatoes with basil and cheese, in the table next to us was a painter hard at work capturing some abstracts of Iglesia de La Merced. We learnt his name is Ricardo, the last name I can’t remember now, and he’s either Spaniard or Chilean, but living for over 20 years in Guatemala.

La Antigua Guatemala is an artist’s heaven and that’s why you find a large number of artists belonging the just about all disciplines of art. Why do you think La Antigua Guatemala and Lake Atitlán have become mayor colonies of artists?

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  • emromesco

    Well, the beauty of those two places makes them ideal for artists to both get inspired and find subjects (case and point LAGDP). On the other hand… being tourist and expat hubs, local and non-local artists might found patrons that provide moral and economical support to such endeavours.
    By the way… have you read Antigua Vida Mia, by Marcela Serrano?

    • @emromesco, no I have not yet read Antigua Vida Mia, but I saw the film Antigua Vida Mia with Argentine diva Cecilia Roth. Great film, by the way, and shot in La Antigua Guatemala.

  • norm kwallek

    People with money go to both places, they are very nice places to live so why not? Artists need to sell their work to eat and keep a roof over their head. Last time down, all I bought to bring home was in one way or the other- art.

  • Eric

    …es porque La Antigua y Lago de Atitlan sean los lugares los mas bellos del mundo ! Ja-ja-ja-ja.
    Well, the record heat in La Antigua that weekend was too much for me that afternoon – el corazon es chapin, pero el cuerpo es irlandes, desinfortunadamente – but if I had my choice, I would probably still be at the restaurant with no name, hablando con Ricardo, sipping Moza after Moza … mirando a las bellas guatemaltecas … Ja-ja-ja…
    Muchas gracias, Rudy ! Another excellent photo that tells many stories, with no captions necessary.