Antigua Tours

Antigua Tours

If you walk around La Antigua Guatemala, quite regularly, you come across groups of tourists taking tours of the city to learn about the streets, the ruins, the museums, the art galleries, the legends, and of course, the history. There are plenty of businesses in town which provide Antigua tours. Have you ever taken of these Antigua tours yourself?

Often, also, I have wondered what is the difference between a tourist and a traveler; can you help me understand?

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  • Maggie D

    Not a dictionary definition, but I’ve always considered a “tourist” as someone who “follows the crowd” in tours, visits tourist places, does not stray off the beaten path, and is more prone to be, uh, the “typical” often obnoxious sort who is more interested in showing you how “we” do things in our own country and expects you to speak their native language. Tourists are usually seen shopping for souvenirs. A traveler may also do a tour, but usually tends to try to blend into the local culture and learn about how “you” do things in “your” country and is respectful of the differences in culture. You’ll find them off the beaten path – sitting in bars, restaurants, parks, etc., quietly trying to communicate in the local language and learn as much as possible. Rudy – years ago you asked “how do you treat a tourist?” I would answer “with a LOT of patience.” A traveler, however, would appreciate being treated as a local (with consideration for language barrier. We try, God knows, but sometimes we’re slow. We ALWAYS appreciate being spoken to in Spanish and those who help us with it). Be polite and endure the tourist, but sit back and enjoy the traveler, take the time to get to know him because he passionately wants to get to know (the collective) you!

  • braaad

    A traveler has dreadlocks? 😉

  • Great photo – perfectly captures the tour guide and entourage. Good tourist vs traveller answers here.

  • emromesco

    To complement/respond to Maggie D’s comment, maybe the difference is not one of attitude, but of lenght of stay. A tourist goes for a few days at a time. Also, she/he goes to rest. A traveler might be someone who just travels. So he/she might stay for longer periods outside of his/her country of residence. On the other hand… a traveler might also apply to a business traveler. Maybe all tourists are travelers but not all travelers are tourists.

  • Manolo

    Pues the photo reminds me of Un paseo en primavera . We might need to refer to Guatemalan literature to answer your question… my friend.

  • Kathy

    We took a tour of Antigua that was amazing. It was given by Elizabeth Bell. We visited municpal buildings, churches, ruins, Jade factory, Hotel Santo Domingo and saw several views of volcanos. It was a wonderful introduction to Antigua.

  • Eric

    How about, a tourist walks into La Antigua, looks for an Irish pub, and says,”Gimme a pina colada” … while a traveler seeks out Hector’s, pulls up a chair and says, “Una Moza, por favor”. Ja-ja-ja-ja
    Like Catherine from Oregon, I hope Hector’s stays around for many years to come. But don’t you think calling it “the bar-and-resaturant-without-a-name” sounds more mysterious ? Like the “Isla de la Muerte” from Pirates of the Caribbean – you can only find it if you’ve already been there …?
    Nice “day-in-the-life” photo, Rudy. What would La Antigua be like without fanny packs, camo-pants and neon colored baseball caps ? Ja-ja !

  • norm kwallek

    I have never used a tour service when going abroad, I do not even reserve a hotel for my first night in country. I study up on the place I am going, rent a car and go.

  • Salvador

    I try to to a city tour the first day, to get more information about the locals and after that I blend myself with the community, I did Tikal with a group but it was awful, some of them didn´t wanted to lear about the Mayans all they wanted to do is take pictures !!!!
    Tourist vs Traveler, for me the difference is the lengh of stay.

  • Hmmm, the best definitions for me are Maggie’s and Eric’s (tocayo BTW).

    Seems like Hector’s is really famous, “El Sin Nombre”.

    PS. regards Rudy, soon will start to post on CAD and will Spam more here in LAGDP 😉

  • Where is Hector’s? Or do I have to have been there to find it? Someone want to escort me and introduce me to a new place??