Above and Beyond the Clouds

Above and Beyond the Clouds

Can you have too many shots of La Antigua Guatemala’s volcanoes? I think not. This one was taken from the rooftop view of Hotel Centro Colonial Antigua. I think the railings along the terrace offer an interesting perspective and great “leading lines” for the photograph. Just yesterday I was headed to Antigua Gardens with a friend. For much of the drive Volcán de Fuego looms before you. I couldn’t help but comment on how it felt like I could just reach out in front of me, right from where I was, and touch the volcano’s massive slopes. There is something so surreal and deceiving about the formation of a volcano’s slopes. Just a short while later, as I was gazing out from an Antigua Gardens terrace, I was mesmerized by the misty clouds circling the same volcanoes you can see from LAG. Sometimes I feel as if I could sit all day simply watching such awing interaction between land and sky. In this photo, it appears Volcán de Agua reaches above and beyond the clouds.

One of the most interesting photos I’ve seen of LAG’s volcanoes lately is from the photo library of LAG’s rock climbing club (AANSAC ). While hiking up one volcano, they were able to capture the full shadow of Volcán de Agua that spread like a huge, dark cloak over the hilly terrain below. I’d very much like to copy that idea! Anyone up for a volcano trek?

text and photo by Laura McNamara

© 2009 – 2013, Laura McNamara. All rights reserved.

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  • Beautiful…the sky really pulls you into the picture.
    I was visiting LAG yesterday and I was looking forward to taking lots of pics…rain got in the way though, I guess I’ll have to try some other day.

  • Eric

    Incredible shot, Laura, and yes, fantastic “leading lines”. I have to look in the LAGDP archives, but I think Rudy posted a shot … last year, maybe? … of a curved iron railing with some horizontal floor tiles and something else … sorry, this is what happens when you visit LAGDP too early in the morning. If only I had a cup of coffee from Fernando’s, I would be communicating much more clearly !
    I must admit, I have watched a few hours worth of clouds floating past el volcan San Pedro out at Lake Atitlan. Don’t think the clouds-rolling-past-the-volcano thing will ever get old. Thanks for the pic !

  • Erick

    That’s a postcard right there! I wish it was me sitting on that rooftop with a michelada in one hand and a tortilla-con-chicharron in the other. 😉