Luck with the Lizard

Luck with the Lizard

This is just one of those rare shots you get when the opportunity strikes. I was scrolling through my email when my roommate suddenly burst out laughing. I looked up to find the house cat, “Gringo,” cruelly toying with its newfound prey… a lagartija, or lizard. The cat had wounded the pour creature and was simply reveling in torturing it: pouncing on it and sending it quickly scrambling nowhere fast on the slick, tiled floor. While I felt sorry for it, my photographer-instinct flared and instead of saving it, I photographed it. I couldn’t pass up the rare opportunity to take a photo of an animal that is usually too wily for humans to get so close. Unfortunately, the light was terrible. Still, I think I still managed to get a pretty cool shot!

text and photos by Laura McNamara

Luck with the Lizard 1 Luck with the Lizard 2

© 2009 – 2013, Laura McNamara. All rights reserved.

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  • Darrin Brown

    Very cool shots

  • It is a cool shot, you got me i thought it was a giant reptile. Thank goodnes for the next pic.

    • Hahaha… that would be pretty cool if it was “giant.”

  • That is such luck! What a great shot. I love lizards.

    • There was a place across the river in Illinois (I’m from Missouri) that was FULL of lizards. I LOVED going as a kid, trying to catch them. We would always wind up with tails in our hands though. They were they kind that could regrow their tails… I didn’t remember that until just now!

  • Ok, at least you didn’t interrupt nature, ;O) Great shots indeed!!! Congratulations!!!

  • Eric

    Laura, you are giving me ‘flashbacks’ to my brother’s cat. The cat loved to play with lizards – used to swat them until they moved, pounce on them (no claws used), lean on them until they stopped wiggling, then swat them, on and on. When the poor lizard finally perished (from exhaustion, panic, or the weight of a three-pound-cat, who can say?), the cat would swat at it a little, realize it was dead, and walk away looking so disappointed, as if the lagartija had died on purpose. He did this so often – I wonder if the cat ever realized what he was doing? Thanks for the memories ! Oh, and beautiful detail on the close-up of Sr.(a?) Lagartija.

    • Nature can be so cruel… thanks for the compliments!

  • A. Roman

    So, what happened to the lizzard??