Portal to An Ancient World

Portal to An Ancient World

The whimsical, timeless allure of La Antigua’s colonial architecture, peacefully protected ruins and cobbled streets is a common theme of which I’ll never tire. This door, this “portal to an ancient world” fills my imagination. I envision erect Don’s and Doña’s of years past, prevailing over a newly established colony under the looming shadows of Volcanoes Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango. The question of what life was like when the ruins were not ruins, but grand temples of stature and wealth is a constant pondering that nags at me. But, walking through these infamous streets everyday means that I can do everything but escape such persistent thoughts.

What do you think? What kind of world once lived behind that door?

text and photo by Laura McNamara

© 2009 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Claudia

    Simply magnificient and gorgeous ‘portal’.

  • Eric

    Hmmm … I see a lady stepping out, her shawl draped over her head, her humble clothing barely enough to keep the damp chill of the rainy season at bay. She is heading toward el mercado to purchase vegetables for the daily meals, hoping to have enough left over for the stray dog which turned up on the doorstep. She is trying to nurse the creature back to health, hoping the animal’s presence won’t be noticed by the owners of the house, who employ her as cook, maid, and nanny. Suddenly, she turns a corner, and sees a dashing gentleman from somewhere far, far away. She watches him from the other side of the street, curious that he is captivated by the architecture, people, and sights that she sees everyday. As his gaze drifts toward her, their eyes meet, and for an instant …..
    …..I’m sorry, what was the question again ? ; )

    • Oh Eric! Pray… do tell more… I’m already caught up in this story… carry on!!!!!!

  • Simplemente bello. ¡Felicitaciones, qué linda foto!

  • This is beautiful. It would make a wonderful painting!

  • very nice post! i love to visit historic places too, and i´m always wondering what happened in the place, i sense a different atmosphere, a different energy i cannot explain when i visit those places.

    • “I sense a different atmosphere, a different energy i cannot explain when i visit those places.” Exactly Paty!

  • MO

    Let me start by saying… what a great shot. Love it!

    I can’t gague the size of the doorway by it’s surroundings but it appears to be below average size. also, was the picture taken from inside the house?

    Could this be Pie de Lana’s old house?

    • Thanks Mo! The doorway is below average size… and photo taken from the street.

  • Oh this photo reminds me of one of my favourite movies: The Secret Garden and of the other one that I like even more: The Little Princess (no relationship).

    • Oh my gosh… I”m obsessed with the Little Princess… still!

  • Love this pic, it’s so magical. And it’s nice see everyones different thoughts.

  • @ Laura – thought provoking photo and text. Beautiful. Thanks!
    @ Eric – funny response and also thought provoking.

  • Perhaps a story between a man and a woman, cinema paradiso style… Someone always waiting in front of a door, for her to show up and accept his love, by loving him back. Or maybe something more of a relationship meant to be, and the door being the signature of where it was all begun, following a proper coffee… Or perhaps, people discussing about the “fiambre” as now November 1st approaches.

    Hmmm, just wandering around, ;O)

  • I like the signature “of where it all began…” 😉

  • Eric

    (continued from our last episode)…for an instant, she pauses to figure out where on Earth this stranger could be from. He is too amazed at his surroundings to be from La Muy Noble y La Muy Leal Ciudad. Despite being so captivated, he seems to hold himself gracefully … until he stumbles off the sidewalk (and into the mud) to let a lady and her small children pass by. At that moment, she ceases being so curious and decides to act.
    He had noticed her eyes first — ‘Unusual for me to notice the eyes first’, he thought — but her eyes nearly made him stumble into the path of a lady and her children. He tripped into the street, unable to break away from the jewel-like brown-and-gold eyes.
    He hoped he remembered his schooling.
    “Senora! Buenos dias!”
    He’s no Spaniard, she thought… Que acento terible!… but he knows his manners.
    “Buenos dias, Senor.”
    They spoke briefly about the weather, the beautiful city (despite the rain), the enchanting gardens. To her surprise, she discovers he is a guest in the house of her employers!
    “Me voy a la casa de mi ahijada manana.”, he offered, “Pero, estoy encantado.” He blushed.
    “Nos hablamos pronto.”, she said, and hurried around the corner toward el mercado. “Muy pronto…”, she whispered to herself.
    Then …

  • Great shot! Cheers, Yves

  • Antonio

    I like your photos of the cemetery. I’ve heard that the cemetery in Antigua is a dangerous place, where people get robbed. Is this true? I hope not because I rented an apartment around the cemetery for next year.