The Giant Kites Are Coming

The Giant Kites Are Coming!

If you are planning to leave Guatemala before November 1, you will certainly miss the Giant Kites of Santiago and Sumpango. You won’t be able to see the kite runner in the cemeteries of Guatemala. However, if you are in La Antigua Guatemala, you can head over to Nim Pot to see some samples of the Guatemalan giant kites hanging from their ceiling. Don’t miss Día de los difuntos if you can though.

Profiled by El Chiltepe Aside: You know how much I hate to brag 😉 but every once in a while I have to share with you some of the accomplishments received thanks to the consistent work that appears in AntiguaDailyPhoto. The most recent accolade came from El Chiltepe, a magazine published out of NYC about design, tendencies, innovations and art. Below the introductory paragraph of the profile:

El Chiltepe Names Rudy Girón “Outstanding”Hay muchas cosas que tomamos en cuenta para decir que alguien es sobresaliente. Además de ser geniales en lo que hacen, también juegan un papel importante en la sociedad que es el de compartir sus conocimientos con todos los demás y colaborar con su comunidad de alguno u otra manera y esto mismo fue lo que nos llamo la atención del guatemalteco Rudy Girón.

There are several things we take into account to name somebody outstanding. A part from being brilliant in what they do, they also play an important role in society, sharing their knowledge with everyone and collaborating with their community in one or another. This is precisely what caught our attention about the Guatemalan Rudy Girón.

… continue reading at El Chiltepe web site

To browse other achievements received by AntiguaDailyPhoto, check out the Portfolio page.

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  • Hablando de todo un poco vos Rudy, ya no hacen faroles? Digo, los barriletes son impresionantes, pero yo normalmente de guiro me armaba mis faroles y me iba a volarlos al cerro de la cruz.

    En referencia a los chiltepes, felicitaciones por el reconocimiento en El Chiltepe. Y dicho sea de paso, vos sabes si se pueden conseguir semillas?

    Con el cambio climatico, aca ya hasta guayabales tenemos. 😉


  • Stephanie

    Congratulations on the accolade! It’s definitely deserved.

  • Rudy, Congratulations for the article in El Chiltepe. I particuliarly appreciated the advice you give at the end (plus I learned a new word – melomano :), Shelley

  • catherine from Oregon

    Congratulations Rudy!
    You are just torturing me with the Kites. I was there last year, and was supposed to be there this year for a photography class…. sadly, new windows for the casa took precedence. Ah well, I can live vicariously through your photos ( much better than mine anyway! )

  • I’ll have to take a trip to Nim Pot to see these; the only bad thing is that I end up buying lots of stuff whenever I go there.

  • Eric

    Felicitaciones, amigo ! Wow, I haven’t even finished reading the article, but it sounds like you are getting some fantastic press. Yet another reason to celebrate with a few Mozas !
    I have seen the giant kites only in videos. Maybe next year, with some better planning, I will see them in person. Increible !

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